Lectio Divina for Lay People

A Podcast on how Lectio Divina can help regular folks pray and foster Christian unity.

I loved doing this podcast. Nathan Smith is so thoughtful. He asked questions that prompted me to remember and share things I have not yet said in public.

Tune in as he asks:

  • (2:40) – How was it that you made the choice to pursue this monastic journey?
  • (19:10) – What was it like living in a monastery? Help me to picture what you experienced.
  • (26:35) – Where does the practice of Lectio Divina come from? What are its origins?
  • (32:48) – What was the approach to Lectio Divina that the monks taught you?
  • (45:58) – How can the practice of Lectio Divina help to bridge the divide between Christians of different backgrounds?

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