Welcome the Spirit of God with the wisdom of the monks

As a 21 year old digging in the library of Harvard College, I learned from Thomas Merton that there is power in the quiet shade of monasteries.

A year later, I began my own journey to a monastery high in the French Alps. There I discovered the wisdom of the monastic tradition, this great seventeen century stream of spiritual practice, liturgy and witness.

As I journeyed to that land and did my own digging, I discovered that religious order, communities, structure, tradition and liturgy are beautiful means by which the soul can come to know God.

They are stepping stones across the creek to the Kingdom of God. They enable us to cross to the other side and come in contact with the heart of God.

In these pages, I present monasticism as a beautiful expression of the Gospel Life, a light to us who seek to live out our Christian faith in the world.

Though their path is different from ours, we can still learn from the monks.

From the Introduction:

My early reaction to monastic life was an astonishment that such communities could exist, coupled with a kind of urgency to give expression to my experience, to share the discovery.

Awe, reverence, beauty, and mystery: all were evoked by these unusual gatherings of men who no longer seemed men to me. “I am seeing angels,” I thought to myself, as I watched and listened from the choir loft. Their community prayer rose up like a bubbling spring from the clay-tiled floor, a cry of love reaching out from the deep of the human heart to the deep of God’s own heart. I gasped in wonder at the spirit that sprung from their souls, the living energy that hung in that vaulted space, the something-strange-and-unknown that shot through the air like flame-tipped arrows carrying the words of the scriptures they chanted.

This book is the visual story of what I learned, over the course of three years, living among the monks.

Photo - Monk observing icon painting
Masonry Cross embedded into brick wall

“In sharing this experience with you, I hope to open a window in the beach house of your heart. From that opening, I hope you will hear the power and majesty of the surf outside.“